2014/2015 Facts and stats

Thanks to the many gifts and contributions, Catholic Charities continued in its mission during fiscal year 2014–2015, serving “those in need as Christ would have us do.”

Administrative Office—Fort Wayne Serving all Counties in the Diocese

Services under Adoption/Pro-life Pregnancy Counseling and Case Management
These services included actual adoptive placement, consultations, birth parent counseling, and general services for families interested in adoption.

  • 1 infant adoptive placement
  • 35 agency and court-ordered family home studies
  • 4 birth parent counseling

Education Creates Hope and Opportunity (ECHO)

Case management services designed to help pregnant and parenting teens and younger adults pursue educational goals.

  • 68 students (62 Allen County, 6 Whitley County) receiving services; 42 children involved
  • 12 out of 13 scheduled to graduate received their diplomas or GEDs

Hispanic Health Advocate

  • 182 individuals (73 adults, 109 children) received interpretation and translation services for 569 medical appointments during which interpretation and translation services are needed for Spanish-speaking individuals.

The Catholic Charities Immigration Program provides immigrants and refugees with a host of legal services.

  • 227 immigration consultations
  • 382 immigration applications filed (Naturalization, Deferred Action Child Act, Family petitions); 300 applications approved by USCIS
  • 82 pending for approval by USCIS
  • 56 students attended citizenship classes
  • 550 people attended the workshops
  • 296 people received translation services (150 of which were unduplicated clients)
  • 964 pages written document translations

Indiana Hardest Hit/HoosierCorps Program
Qualified homeowners who are unemployed through no fault of their own and at-risk of foreclosure receive mortgage assistance through the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority. In return, participants may attend pre-approved job training, educational programs, or serve as a community volunteer.

  • 16 people served (15 Allen County, 1 Noble County)

Refugee Resettlement—All Programs
These services help refugees adjust to living in their new country.

Reception and Placement

  • 270 refugees received case management services

Match Grant Employment Program

  • 96 refugees and asylees received job training services

Job Development

  • 507 refugees and asylees received job development services

Extended Case Management

  • 125 refugees received ongoing case management services

Homework Help

  • 75 received homework assistance

Refugee Health

  • 180 refugees received services through the Allen County Infectious Disease Center
  • 277 refugees received screening services through Department of Health
  • 143 refugees received chest X-rays at local hospitals
  • 342 refugees received outside doctor appointments, including surgery

*Services provided for health include transportation, interpretation, and translation services

Resource and Referral
Services include limited case management and financial assistance for those in need.

  • 213 families served
  • 439 services provided

Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP)

Services include job training activities for low-income older adults.

  • 79 total seniors received job-training services (1 Whitley County, 1 DeKalb County, 2 Wabash County, 1 Huntington County, 74 Allen County)
  • 35 nonprofit training host sites
  • 22 seniors transitioned into unsubsidized employment

Villa of the Woods Residential Facility for Seniors

  • 15 residents received services
  • 3,825 days of care

South Bend Office Serving St. Joseph, Elkhart and Marshall counties

Services under Adoption/Pro-life Pregnancy Counseling and Case Management

  • 18 agency and court-ordered family home studies
  • 4 birth parent counseling clients
  • 5 completed search and reunion services (10 still in progress)

Education Creates Hope and Opportunity (ECHO)

  • 56 students received services; 58 children involved
  • 8 out of 9 received high school diplomas

Indiana Hardest Hit/HoosierCorps Program

  • 33 participants (20 participants in St. Joseph County, 2 in Marshall County, 3 in Kosciusko County, 8 in Elkhart County, 0 in Fulton County)
  • 24 host sites in St. Joseph County and 46 host sites in other counties (Elkhart, Marshall, Kosciusko, and Fulton)

Catholic Charities Food Pantry
Clients who are residents of St. Joseph County and live at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty level are able to receive food assistance once every four weeks.

  • 3,441 packets of food distributed
  • 861 new households served
  • 3,062 new individuals served
  • 68,820 pounds of food distributed
  • 3,441 households served*
  • 12,131 individuals served*
  • 1,422 families served/4670 individuals**

Resource & Referral Program
Limited emergency financial assistance for utilities, housing, transportation, medication or other needs. In addition, Christmas assistance is available.

  • 6 households served (6 adults and 13 children with limited financial assistance)
  • 64 households served (155 children with Christmas assistance)

RSVP — St. Joseph and Elkhart counties
Services include placing individuals 55 or older in volunteer positions with not-for-profit agencies, schools, museums, libraries, parks, hospitals, nursing homes, governmental agencies, etc. Volunteers may not replace a paid worker.

  • 373 senior volunteers
  • 21 volunteers developing and distributing health-related information
  • 90 volunteers providing food security
  • 36 volunteers providing companionship and respite care services
  • 5 volunteers providing transportation
  • 28 volunteers serving veterans
  • 32 volunteers providing assistance to economically disadvantaged
  • 25 volunteers assisting low-income children in school through mentoring and tutoring
  • 9 volunteers in disaster preparedness
  • 43 volunteers helping to garner funds and in-kind donations for local charities/agencies
  • 84 volunteers in other civic-related opportunities
  • 84,625 volunteer service hours
  • 58 volunteer stations

*includes some duplication

Auburn Office Serving DeKalb, Noble, LaGrange and Steuben counties
Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)—DeKalb, Noble, LaGrange, Steuben counties

RSVP – Community Center of Caring Food Pantry Services include providing a three- to five-day supply of food.

  • 5,332 families served
  • 20,502 individuals served
  • 412 new families
  • 1,537 new individuals
  • 223,944 pounds of food distributed

Mentoring Program
Services include matching a child with a mentor who is committed to spending at least two hours per week with an at-risk child, ages 9 to 17.

  • 16 volunteers are serving as mentors
  • 16 matches have been made

RSVP—DeKalb, LaGrange, Noble and Steuben counties

  • 265 senior volunteers
  • 62,041 volunteer service hours
  • 38 volunteer stations
  • 1,532 tax returns filed through VITA tax program
  • 587 backpacks filled with school supplies distributed
  • 328 children screened for Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • 2,139 individuals receiving cold weather gear through our Share the Warmth Program
  • 75 hospice gowns made for clients
  • 1,250 lap robes, walker bags, catheter bags made for individuals
  • 160 quilts made for Camp Watcha Wanna Do
  • 2,500 crisis bears made for hospitals

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