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Indiana Adoption History Registry
Indiana law requires that an adoptee be 21 years of age to initiate any information exchange about an adoption placement. Prior to requesting search and reunion services from Catholic Charities, persons must register with the Indiana Adoption History Registry and receive a response from the Indiana Adoption History.

Information regarding the registry is at this link.

Forms may be obtained from this website under the section called Adoption here.

The forms that may interest you are the following:
• Application for Search of Medical History Information for Adoptee—State Form 47261
• Identifying Information Indiana Adoption History Registration—State Form 47896 (R3/6-05)
• Non-identifying Information Indiana Adoption History Registration—State Form 47897 (R3/6-05)

The registry itself is a free matching service and will match birth parents and adoptees if both have registered. The registry does not actually search for any person. We cannot speak for the registry as to how long it takes for it to respond, its processes, or what information it may have.

Catholic Charities Search and Reunion Services

Catholic Charities can assist an adoptee or birth parent seeking identifying information. Catholic Charities does not do searches for medical history only, nor do we provide non-identifying information. This should be obtained from the Indiana Adoption History Registry. We cannot assist individuals who placed or were placed privately through an attorney, or who were placed through international adoption.

We can assist you if the adoptive placement occurred through one of the following agencies:
• Catholic Charities in Fort Wayne or South Bend (formerly known as Catholic Social Services)
• Family and Children’s Services (the private agency)
• Woodhaven Maternity Home (also known as the Fort Wayne Children’s Home)

Search attempts may or may not bring the desired results. Indiana law does not require an adoptee or birth parent being sought to give consent to open records. If the person being sought does not consent to open records, Catholic Charities cannot force the person to consent and cannot and will not proceed with future contact if the person does not want to participate.

Because Catholic Charities doesn’t receive funding from any other source for these services, we charge a nonrefundable fee for search and reunion services. While it is our hope that the person initiating a search achieves the desired outcome, there is no guarantee that the person sought will be found, and if found, that the person will respond as desired.

Requests for information over the phone will not be honored. If you wish to proceed with a search after you’ve received a written response from the registry, you may request a search request form from Catholic Charities via email at or


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