Understanding Our Place in the Philanthropic Community: Local Catholic Solutions to Complex Problems

Many of our clients face complex, long-term issues that prevent them from moving ahead in their lives. These issues often require years of support to address successfully. We describe these supports as Phase Two services (see pyramid) that often follow some initial intervention.

Take the example of the pregnant teen who chooses to parent her baby. Statistically, she only has a 40% chance of completing her high-school diploma. In most instances, dropping out means she will face a lifetime of poverty for lack of adequate education. This is why we offer ECHO (Education Creates Hope and Opportunity), a program designed to keep these girls in high school and beyond.

We typically pick up where a Phase One pregnancy-help center leaves off, providing long-term case management so she can be successful in raising her child while staying in school (See Reyna’s story).

Our case managers assist her by making an education plan as well as finding other necessities like daycare and affordable housing. We also lend spiritual guidance, helping her recognize God’s plan for her life. We have served more than 1,000 young moms whose graduation rate exceeds 90%. With this local, long-term program, we fulfill a tremendous social need by breaking the cycle of poverty and reducing government outlays, which typically exceed $600,000 per family. We also fulfill the Church’s social teachings of solidarity and subsidiarity by looking after her material, emotional and spiritual needs.