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Refugee and Immigration Policy:

Each year the President of the United States, in cooperation with the United States Congress, determines the number of refugees permitted admission into the country. This year, the proposed number of refugees for admission into the United States is 18,000, compared to 30,000 in Fiscal Year 2019.

An Executive Order by President Trump issued on September 26, 2019, requiring official consent from state and local government officials for the federal government to resettle refugees in their area.

PRM has indicated that Executive Order 13888 will be implemented within 90 days of the date it was signed and thus, starting on December 25, 2019, no refugee will be permitted to be resettled in a state or locality that has not provided consent. If consent is not obtained and made publicly available by the Secretary of State, this will be considered non-consent.

CCFWSB is also recognized by the Department of Justice to provide legal immigration services. This year, mostly by executive order, there have been proposed changes to legal immigration processes such as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, Temporary Protective Status, and Asylum cases.



Ask your Governor, Mayor, and County Executive to Voice Welcome for Refugees:


Learn more about the issues from additional resources:



Three additional pro-refugee resettlement advocacy activities:
  • State and local officials Sign-on Letter: governors, mayors, state/local legislators, etc. to sign on to this letter.
  • Refugee Employers Letter: Engage local businesses to voice their support for refugees! Encourage business leaders (refugee-owned businesses AND employers who employ refugees) to sign onto this joint letter (and/or send their own letters, they can feel free to use this template).
  • U.S. Senators and Representatives: Encourage your lawmaker to make public statements in support of refugee resettlement and urge them to visit local resettlement offices in their community. Also urge them to consider co-sponsoring and/or supporting the GRACE Act (S 1088/HR 2146), to restore the refugee resettlement program to the historical norm of 95,000 refugee admissions annually. USCCB and many others support the bill.


prayerPray for the millions of refugees and migrants 

O Holy Family of Nazareth, 

You know the plight of migrants.

We ask you to help and relieve them of their sufferings.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, to you we entrust the migrants and refugees.